“Scarlet Hide Molly” on Monsters Out of the Closet

I’m a couple days behind on this; the last week has been trying.

But I’m proud to say my story “Scarlet Hide Molly,” which previously appeared in Planet Scumm #6, has now been adapted to one of my favorite podcasts, Monsters Out of the Closet. This podcast takes horror fiction by LGBTQIA authors and adapts it into full productions with voice cast, music, sound effects.

The second story in their latest episode, WITCH, Robin Tynan, Abigail Birkett, Taara Rangan, and Anna Podds do an incredible job voicing narrator and the three women who tell campfire tales of the titular mountain fiend. Give it a listen!

Book announcement; interviews galore

I’m ecstatic to announce that my first short story collection, Unfortunate Elements of My Anatomy, will be published in spring 2021 from The Seventh Terrace! Focusing on queer horror, isolation, and the monstrous feminine, the book will cover 18 stories, including a new novelette, “Recitation of the First Feeding.”

I’ll keep the site updated (technical issues aside) as info comes in such as cover and release date.

As for interviews, I had technical difficulties that kept me from updating as they came:

That should be all the interviews this month! And at month’s end, there will be a podcast tale.

“Forgive the Adoring Beast” in Dream of Shadows; “There Is an Old Lady Who Swallows the Stars” in Neon Horror; new interview

Happy Pride Month! I delayed updating for what I feel should be obvious reasons. The first Pride was a riot though and no change comes without fighting for it.

New stories:

Dream of Shadows has released their second issue, inside which you’ll find my post-apocalyptic fantastical horror flash fic, “Forgive the Adoring Beast” alongside lots of other cool stories.

Over in the UK, The Haunted Bouncy Castle has released their first anthology, Neon Horror, which is all queer horror creators. My flash fic “There Is an Old Lady Who Swallows the Stars” appears inside.

Next, Stephanie Evelyn has been running a terrific series of interviews, Women Thought Leaders in Horror, over at her blog and was kind enough to invite me to be part of it. She posed interesting questions that I was all too happy to answer. You can check that interview here.

More to come soon!

“What the Girls Are Doing” in The Ghastling; audio book announcement

The Ghastling #11 has released with a bang! Fully illustrated, beautiful artwork surrounds each story, one of them being “What the Girls Are Doing.” Some moms can be smothering, even beyond the grave


Check it out in The Ghastling #11.

And …

Coming this summer to an audio book store near you: The Possession of Natalie Glasgow, narrated by the multi-talent Gemma Amor, beloved author, artist, and voice actor. I’ll post about it again closer to release, but late July looks likely, near the one-year anniversary of the paperback’s release. It’s going to be an exciting summer!

“Fitting Room for Two” in Not Just a Pretty Face

It’s been a long time coming, but Not Just a Pretty Face is out today from Dead Light Publishing. All women, all horror.

My story “Fitting Room for Two” follows a strange discovery in a Manhattan clothing boutique in the 1930s. It was written around the time of An Invitation to Darkness, when I tried to match style to time period, so it may seem odd from my usual, but the horror is fresh meat.

“Feast for Small Pieces” in Year’s Best Hardcore Horror, Volume 5

In a rare instance of punctuality this year, I’m posting about a release on release day. Can you imagine?

Today Red Room Press releases The Year’s Best Hardcore Horror, Volume 5: Going Global, a stunning anthology of 2019’s hardest hitting, most gruesome, and darkest horror short stories. My flash fiction “Feast for Small Pieces” is the first story you’ll see inside, followed by a host of wonderful horror.

This is the first time one of my works has been included in any Best of anthology, so it’s extra special to me for that. Available in ebook and paperback, with an audiobook on the way!

Also, the first Hailey’s Comments newsletter went out today. If you’re not already subscribed, change that for the better here.

Ladies of the Fright 54: Hailey Piper on the Dangers of Nostalgia

I had the great pleasure of appearing on This Is Horror Award-winning podcast Ladies of the Fright for their 54th episode. We talked early days of writing, Rewind or Die, storytelling, nostalgia, and much more!

We also spoil the hell out of The Possession of Natalie Glasgow from 46:00 to 58:00. This is territory I haven’t crossed anywhere else, so if you’ve read it, don’t hesitate.

(I had some technical difficulties, so I apologize that my voice sounds muffled, distant, and overall not great, but Lisa and McKenzie made it all work!)